Choosing "Green" Projects in the Dartmouth Area

I have put together a list of projects that I think might deserve (and reward) the attention of residents in the Dartmouth area. I'm posting it to stimulate ideas, and in the hope that you will add your own thoughts, and experiences. Changes great and small start with someone sharing their dream . . .

List of Possible Sustainable Dartmouth Projects:

1. The Natural World

Road Verges


Wildlife Corridors

Wildlife surveys

Woodland, Trees and Hedges

Green spaces preservation

Gardening for wildlife

2. Transport

EV Charging Points

Footpaths and Cycle Paths

Car Share


Electric Vehicles

3. Energy

Wind Turbines

PV Panels

Thermal Solar Water Panels

Home Insulation

Heat Pumps

Heat from the River project

Submersible tidal turbine

4. Shopping

Organic and local food sourcing

Environmentally aware shopping (education)

No to plastic bags

Avoid Air-transported food and drink.

5. Community Engagement


 Social Media



Involving Councils, Businesses and the Public

Arranging talks/Public Meetings

Sign Devon Declaration of Emergency

Adopt an Environmental Action Plan

Liaison with local groups

Library of Things

6. The River

Electric Ferryboat

Electric Charge Points for boats

Flood risk assessment. Preparing for rising sea-levels

River Health (Water quality)

7. Greenhouse Gasses

Carbon Emission Audit for Council, Businesses, and Homes

Carbon Reduction Plan for Council, Businesses, and Homes

8. Waste and Pollution

Plastic usage reduction

Road, park and beach clean events

Recyclable waste (Coffee cups etc)

Compost Scheme

Sewage Processing (eg Methane harvesting)

Air quality

9. Finance

Investment (eg In environmentally friendly companies)


Environmental Charities – Which have proved effective?

10. Holidays?

11. Home and Garden

Using eco-friendly cleaning products

Filter plastic particles from the laundry

Use only Peat-free compost

Please make your own suggestions below. Please get in touch with us if you feel inspired to get involved with any of the ideas. Maybe we will know of others who are interested.


  • What an Impressive list!

    Item 10) Holidays - How to incentivise truly Green Tourism? To include alternatives for 2nd homes. Perhaps the creation of a new, custom built 'Tiny House' holiday community to replace the lost Little Cotton farm campground. This could provide skills training, jobs and income opportunities for local people in designing, building and letting.

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